Men Put Their Best Fashion Foot Forward

Mens fashion 5- social chaye

All those that suppose solely girls look and men… well, they await somebody to buy for them, couldn’t be a lot of wrong. once it involves attire searching, men are not any a lot of activity behind the wardrobe.

According to recent surveys, men currently aren’t way behind girls once it involves all things searching. Being excited concerning sales, indulgence in impulse shopping for, and taking their own sweet time to shop for precisely what they’re trying to find, are not any longer gendered searching patterns.



So, what happened? Is it a gentle wave of railway system sex or is it one thing that’s here to stay? initial of all, the modification in behaviour hasn’t happened long. whereas there area unit several factors at work here, together with social media, on-line searching plays a giant role. The comfort and easy searching while not having to go away the home is one thing men merely cannot resist. a touch browsing, followed by 2 or 3 clicks and life couldn’t are less complicated.

But on-line searching isn’t the sole siren. Men also are exploring and discovering their modern aspect and golf stroke their best fashion foot forward daily. vogue acutely aware men don’t mind defrayal time and cash to appear smart. What else will justify the large shift from buying simply physical science and fancy gadgets to garments, footwear and accessories?

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“Men are becoming more and more fashion forward, particularly in tier two and three cities,” says Sivaram Kowta, vp, Men’s attire, Myntra. “We recently organized a Mantastic Day sale for the primary time. It saw a good response and that we attempt to host future edition before long,” says Kowta. Myntra, in fact, has a lot of men searching on their platform than girls, with the quantitative relation being 60:40 in favour of men, say Kowta.

While the previous generation of men were content with half a dozen combine of labor wear and a few of things sort of a bright suit or a silk shirt that they with pride wore to family weddings and gatherings for years, the younger generation desires a lot of. From gymnasium to the room, from dates to travel, men need to appear completely different and build a sway everyplace, and this changes things. this suggests each occasion, massive or tiny, has become a chance to specific their individuality through garments. After all, why ought to girls have all the vanity?


Like women, men too need to appear smart on Facebook and Instagram. a lot of and a lot of men currently discuss garments, explore for professional recommendation, take time to induce prepared, name all variety of fashion brands and labels on the tip of their fingers, and area unit willing to place in further effort to induce detected.

As The Wall Street Journal’s vogue ace, Ray Smith says, “Men area unit currently even willing to be known as trendy or modern. It’s not a unclean word any longer.”


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