YouTube Music expands ‘Add to playlist’ button to albums and other playlists on Android, iOS


Since launch, YouTube Music has slowly additional new options as well as UI tweaks and Queue changes last month, likewise as Sonos speaker integration. However, Google’s music streaming service continues to be frustratingly missing practicality as proved by the newest addition: adding full albums and playlists to different playlists.

Over the past few days, YouTube Music expanded the provision of the “Add to playlist” button. it had been antecedently solely out there for individual songs, and so users had to feature one at a time.


It currently seems within the overflow menu for albums, playlists, and different recently additional prime one hundred Charts. Adding entire albums to a listing is a visible use case, however listing to listing transfers also are helpful for making new ones or reorganizing your library. in addition, YouTube Music publishes loads of curated playlists and this adds differently to avoid wasting them.

YouTube Music lacking this feature at launch is shocking, however Google possible assumed that users would even be victimization the “Add to queue” choice. Regardless, the flexibility to feature songs en bloc to playlists is extremely helpful.

The boost listing button is wide unrolled with version two.69 of YouTube Music on each automaton and iOS. However, it’s not however out there on the online, although it ought to be returning shortly as all 3 platforms tend to take care of feature youtube-music-add-to-playlisyoutube-music-add-to-playlis-2youtube-music-add-to-playlis-3parity.



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