How a women from Haryana became a top Flipkart seller earning Rs 8 lakhs a month

flipkart seller
Haryana housewife top Flipkart seller

The unfold of the ecommerce business has given rise to a growing variety of inspiring  stories of ladies entrepreneurs from remote corners of Republic of India. Ritu Kaushik, WHO engineered a eminent business through Flipkart, is one such example.

The advent of ecommerce has created several spinoffs however one that has not been talked regarding at length is that the freeing and authorisation of ladies. within the yard of the country piece of land of the north Indian state of Haryana, wherever antifeminism and inclined gender quantitative relation rule the roost, on-line trade provided a level-playing field for ladies WHO have long sweet-faced the strength of associate old paternal society.


The story of Ritu Kaushik, WHO hails from a nondescript village close to Sonipat, Haryana, is one such story among the various that highlight the growing wave of monetary relief of ladies from remote corners of Republic of India – a development created doable by associate facultative ecommerce business.

The number of ladies sellers on Flipkart has been on the increase within the recent past. In 2018, ladies entrepreneurs across Republic of India accounted for ten p.c of the entire variety of sellers on the Indian on-line retail large, Flipkart.

Ritu, WHO could be a merchandiser on Flipkart, is among a bunch of ladies WHO have pursued their passion and, in doing therefore, remodeled themselves from being housewives to turning into prime sellers on the web retailer’s platform.

For 31-year-old Ritu, her passion was purses, and in 2016, she began merchandising the self-designed assortment of purses below her whole Ritupal Collections on the Flipkart marketplace.

“Maine apne shauk knockout hi apna business bana liya (I turned my passion into my business),” says Ritu, for whom taking risks wasn’t one thing new.

In fact, before beginning her business and turning into a Flipkart merchandiser, Ritu took the rare call to travel back to varsity and complete her graduation, despite having 2 kids to require care of. Having married early at the age of sixteen, Ritu says the support and encouragement of her husband, a government worker by profession, provided the much-needed boost for her to seize the chance to review once more.

On finishing her graduation in 2016, Ritu took future huge step of beginning her own purse business on Flipkart. the concept to sell on-line initial came to her once she saw everybody in her neighbourhood looking on-line.

But the naysayers were several, she says, adding,

“Many of my neighbours and relatives told ME that there was no want on behalf of me to earn, as I am, after all, a woman.”

None of this deterred the gritty mother of 2. and thru the years, she verified the naysayers wrong, thanks additionally to the support she received from Flipkart in serving to her learn the ropes and grow her business.

“Flipkart has offered ME the steerage and support I required, right from recommendation on the way to build the foremost of merchandising on-line to promoting merchandise on the platform. Flipkart even offered ME a loan, however as I needed to be financially accountable, i made a decision to use my savings instead,” Ritu says.

She adds,

“I learnt the way to use a laptop with my husband’s facilitate and practiced on that once my kids were in school.”

Today, her family helps her along with her business, except for the foremost half, Ritu has created it to the highest on her own terms.

To elucidate, at the tip of the primary year, Ritu was earning around Rs one large integer per month on Flipkart, as she began providing shoppers from all corners of Republic of India a product class in a very latest avatar.

Today, regarding 3 years once taking off as a merchandiser on Flipkart, her purses facilitate her shovel in monthly revenue of around Rs seven large integer to Rs eight large integer per month.

Ritu’s Ritupal Collections, that options luggage within the worth vary of Rs 200-1,500, ar a specific favorite along with her loyal client base from south Republic of India. however Ritu is set to grow her business with a particular aim of growing her client base within the japanese and western elements of the country.

“While my financial gain is associate action for somebody like ME, i’m aiming for my monthly sales to extend to Rs twenty large integer,” she says.

To be clear, Ritu’s resolved focus is to grow Ritupal Collections into a widely known whole across Republic of India through Flipkart. Or as Ritu terribly pointedly says,

“Mera khawb hai ki duniya mujhe MEre naam say pechanay (my aim is that individuals across Republic of India ought to recognise me by name).”

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