PM Imran Khan orders investigation in attack on Hindu temple


Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wed ordered investigation into Associate in Nursing attack on a Hindu temple in Khairpur region of Pakistan’s southern Sindh province, wherever earlier on assailants had set hearth to statues and holy books before fleeing.

“The Sindh government should take swift and decisive action against the perpetrators of the attack. this can be against the teachings of the sacred text,” PM Khan aforementioned.


The attack on Sham Sundar Shewa Mandli Temple in an exceedingly settlement of Kumb in Khaipur district came about last Sunday evening. The temple is encircled by fifty to seventy homes in an exceedingly Hindu neighbourhood. in line with members of the native Hindu community, the attackers had burnt their idols and scriptures.

The community had approached the police on Monday to register a case against the unidentified miscreants. “The police obtained fingerprints from the temple window and have taken 3 suspects into custody,” aforementioned Vijay Kumar, answerable of the temple. nobody has nonetheless claimed responsibility for the attack.

Following the attack, the Hindu Associate in Nursingd Sikh communities from completely different components of the province had gathered at Kumb to protest however they all over their demonstration on weekday when senior police officers assured them of an freelance investigation into the incident.
Rajesh Kumar Hardasani, the authority of the Asian nation Hindu council, said, “The attack has caused unrest among the Hindu community.” He demanded putting in place of a special task force for the safety of Hindu temples.


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