Amazon, Flipkart to start deliveries of non-essential items. But can you order?

Last month e-commerce was restricted from selling any non-essential goods

The Indian government has also improved the lockdown interval by the following 2 weeks. But a few relaxations are forced to facilitate movements in parts which are not or less influenced from the coronavirus epidemic. The govt has opted to permit e commerce internet sites such as Amazon and also Flipkart to get started delivering non essential goods in green and orange zones.

All of 733 districts of India happen to be categorized to three distinct Categories particularly, reddish place, orange green and red zone. The shade of those zones signifies that the seriousness of this coronavirus epidemic because certain district. The set to get all these zones will probably soon be revised over the weekly basis. If some one of those crimson zones changeover in to the green or orange zone, then they’ll soon be allowed to-order non essential items out of e commerce sites.


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For almost any reddish zone district to transition into an orange area, no. Brand new coronavirus instances ought to be enrolled for an overall total of 21 times. One different zone which isn’t categorized as reddish or green, are also mechanically tagged as orange.

At an announcement to Mint that an Amazon spokesperson claimed, “We advised that the federal government’s decision allowing e-commerce in Orange and Green Zones… Countless tiny and medium organizations and dealers will currently have the ability to jump start their organizations and livelihoods throughout their work”.

Amazon, throughout Its very first quarter consequences said that their India firm has coped together with Maximum effect as a result of covid-19 catastrophe. Final 30 Days, E Commerce companies Were ready to get a rude shock following the Ministry of Home Affairs gathered straight back the Order allowing companies to market non essential items on line.

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