India Declares Coronavirus A Notified Disaster

There are over 80 confirmed COVID-19 cases in India, with at least two deaths linked to the virus

You will find over 80 confirmed COVID-19 cases in India, together with at least two deaths linked to the virus – a 68-year-old woman who died on Friday and a 76-year-old man who died on Thursday

The government has announced the Book coronavirus outbreak in the country that the”enlightened tragedy”, in a move it called”a special one-time dispensation”, to contain the spread of this infectious virus. In a brief two-page release this evening the authorities said cash from every nation’s Disaster Response Fund (SDRF) would be utilized for temporary lodging and supply of food, water and medical care for individuals and people in quarantine camps.


SDRF Funds are also used, the authorities stated, to pay for extra testing centres and the price of protective equipment for police, healthcare and municipal governments, as well as that of unmanned aircraft and other essential gear for authorities.

All such cost, the Government added, will be drawn only from the country’s funds rather than the National Disaster Response Fund (NDRF). Also, total expense on equipment can’t exceed 10 per cent of the fund’s annual allocation.

The second page of the Home Ministry notification was amended to remove reference to compensation

According to a previous letter from The Home Ministry, Rs 4 lakh was to be given to families of those whose deaths have been connected to this novel coronavirus, or COVID-19. Cost of hospitalisation for those being treated was also to have been mended by country authorities.

But, Both of These points were Apparently eliminated in a later notification.

corona virus disaster
As per the original letter, compensation amount of Rs 4 lakh was announced

Today’s notification comes a Day after fundamental ministry officials insisted that the press on steps being taken and warned against panicking, saying the outbreak was”not a health crisis”.

You will find over 80 confirmed COVID-19 cases in India, with two deaths connected to the virus. A 68-year-old woman who died in Delhi on Friday night along with a 76-year-old man who died in northern Karnataka on Thursday both tested positive.

On Friday, Health Ministry Officials said that a further 4,000 potential cases were identified by contract tracing and so were being tracked. Home Ministry officials also said global traffic would be limited; only 19 of 37 boundary checkposts are open to them.

Additionally as a part of its response, The government has shut borders to existing visas – except diplomatic, official, UN/international organisations, employment and project – until April 15.

Numerous states have also Reacted, with Maharashtra, Kerala, Delhi along with other governments shutting down public areas, shutting schools and schools and banning large gatherings, such as Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket games.

On Saturday both Bengal and Goa Announced similar steps. Also on Saturday leading IT major Infosys announced it would temporarily close a Bengaluru workplace and sanitise premises after a suspected COVID-19 case.

The COVID-19 outbreak began in A market in China’s Wuhan district in December this past year and has claimed over 5,000 lives and infected 1.3 lakh people since.

The World Health Organisation And affected enormous amount of people.

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