Google Maps Fooled by Man Who Used 99 Smartphones to Create a Fake Traffic Jam: Video

Google Maps crowdsources its traffic data through users’ smartphones

Google Maps Watch the way the man caused Google Maps’traffic jams’ on Berlin’s streets.

Google Maps may just have been fooled by a relatively simply Hack, if a new video is to be believed. Google’s Maps agency is an invaluable tool for anyone who drives a car in a big town, providing information on traffic snarls or bottlenecks on major roads. A lot people check Google Maps before going anywhere, to correctly plan our routes. Google itself runs ad campaigns encouraging users to do the same. But the system isn’t foolproof and can be tricked, as demonstrated by a guy in Berlin who utilized 99 smartphones along with a hand cart to create’fake’ traffic jams from the German capital.

Simon In the movie, Weckert is revealed pulling 99 tablets with place turned in a hand cart on city streets, including the street right outside Google’s office in Berlin.


The slow pace of the hand cart and the fact that 99 phones were Utilized caused Google Maps to believe there were lots of vehicles with a road that was really vacant. Google uses this procedure to crowdsource traffic information the world over; smartphones in automobiles offer advice to Google, for example, speed in which they are moving, and what number of smartphones are on that specific road.


If the Pace is low and quantity is elevated, Google would show that segment of the road as red or maroon, indicating that there is a traffic jam. The video shows the streets on Google Maps slowly turning from green to maroon, indicating that there was a traffic pileup on those roads. Google’s navigation suggestions would then recommend that users avoid these roads, even though they were really clear to push on, besides having to look out for Weckert and his handcart.

Weckert Has not shared any further details, so it’s possible this could have been faked entirely. If it is authentic, Google should ideally be studying ways to Prevent such an exploit from being used, because this could have quite real and Physical consequences on traffic movement. Regardless, don’t stop expecting Google Maps completely; it isn’t often that you have artists using 99 smartphones On a hand cart wandering around.

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