Google How it Handles Further Meta-descriptions and Title Tags


A writer requested Google’s John Mueller if it is Fine to include just two Meta descriptions tags along with also two name tags onto a single webpage.

Google’s John Mueller had given a sudden remedy that exhibits how Google manages ambigu HTML aspects.


Even the Man requesting the question desired to earn a momentary switch into the site tag and name HTML aspects. Afterward after having a specific position the writer can revert to the first variants.

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Even the Writer said they’d to briefly upgrade a few of these articles pages thanks to Covid-19.

Even the Question was all about how exactly to manage a short-term shift from the meta description and name tags.

This is the question that was asked:

“About The meta-description of the webpage I got the search engine optimization trick to include things like another meta description and name relating to this theme in to the header.

Would this really make sense to Google?”

John Mueller replied:

“Thus, in case You’re adding another meta description label onto a typical page we’ll deal with the exact same as in the event that you only expand the existent meta tag tag onto the webpage.

…there is No type of incentive on having another meta tag onto a typical page in comparison to simply fixing your active website.

Together with Respect to this name, that is something similar. It truly is maybe not there is any type of the bonus connected with creating another name label.

In Essence, You could aswell simply compose a fresh new name working with the existent name label

Google Says it’s Okay to Use Extra Title and Meta Descriptions

Based into Google, Google will unite additional name and meta tag description tags right into one meta-description and one name label. But only as Google claims something different from ordinary would be fine does not indicate that you should venture a doit.

The best way Google may opt to produce the dual tags will be upward to Google.

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Ordinarily Google will screen just what’s on your name section. Incorporating two name elements moves that get a grip on against the writer into Google and introduces an element of doubt about how that name will screen.

It also While John Mueller claims that Google are designed for additional name and meta tag descriptions,” in addition, he says publishers ought to stick with writing one meta-description and one name label each webpage.

There is yet another factor which has been made from also involves HTML expectations.

Extra Elements Violates Official HTML Standards

Even the Technical title of this meta tag is meta-description ingredient. A component is similar to a big foundation of a HTML webpage (record).

HTML Is officially characterized through an global group known as the World Wide Web Consortium, also called the W3C. The criteria for HTML are present in

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Elements Are clarified from the W3C as using a operate. Each role comes with policies.

Certainly one Of the principles to get the meta tag description section is there ought to just be just one meta tag description each webpage.


Likewise for your name component, There Ought to just be a single Name part per page. Adding a lot more than one name factor makes invalid HTML.

Legitimate HTML, or HTML together with all the Least quantity of mistakes, and helps make sure the internet file shows to internet site Visitors precisely because you desire it to.



Google’s John Mueller’s reply stipulates a peek into Google’s plan for tackling invalid HTML and blunders. Inside this instance, dual components are taken care of like one aspect.

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In addition, John Mueller counsels that if Google may handle 2 meta-descriptions along with two name tags, so he also motivates publishers to abide by the normal custom of a single name element plus meta description each webpage.

Last, by minding good programming methods and publishers may promise a far better consumer experience also helps ensure that se’s are not going to create blunders when working an internet site.

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