Facebook’s Social Media Accounts Hacked


OurMine compromised Facebook’s official Twitter and Instagram accounts within a marketing stunt to market their own safety services.

After gaining entry to Facebook’s socials, the hackers made a somewhat misleading message which indicated the Facebook site itself was hacked as imagined on the organization’s Twitter and Instagram account (or whichever third party business was hired to handle them). But as Instagram is possessed by Facebook, the brag was possibly partially warranted.


The team said: “Hi, we’re OurMine. Well, actually Facebook is hackable but their safety is far better than Twitter.”

OurMine went to give out Its own site and email address together with an open invitation for Facebook to get in touch”to boost your account [sic] security”

In the event any onlookers were in Uncertainty regarding whom had broken to Facebook’s social networking reports, OurMine also posted a photograph of their logo on the organization’s Twitter and Instagram societal feeds.

Twitter affirmed that Friday’s hack happened via a third party and Facebook’s account was secured once Twitter was alerted to the matter.

Said:”When we had been made aware of the matter we secured the endangered accounts and are working closely together with our partners in Facebook to revive them”

The episode is the Most Recent in A run of high-profile social networking hacks committed by OurMine.

OurMine is thought to possess Gotten their mitts on the sport teams’ credentials through third party social networking management system Khoros. Based on their site, Khoros has executed a range of safety measures”through the business to provide whole transparency and a reassurance to Khoros clients that their private data and data are in great hands.”

Previous online publicity Stunts pulled by OurMine incorporate hacking Twitter creator Jack Dorsey’s Twitter accounts and undermining the Twitter accounts of Google’s main



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