Loyola College in Chennai Apologizes for Paintings Issue, BJP demand legal action

BJP demand legal action

Chennai’s Loyola College, issued Associate in Nursing apology on Mon when rightist teams alleged that a number of paintings that the faculty exhibited at it’s cultural event hurt Hindu sentiments.

In a statement, the faculty said: “We acknowledge our lapse and sincerely apologize for the insurmountable hurt this has caused.”


The exhibition was a part of a two-day folks competition titled ‘Veethi Virudhu Vizha’. a number of the paintings displayed have allegedly shown India Mata as a victim of #MeToo. Some conjointly displayed PM Modi as a disciple of Imperialism and also the RSS association to the murder of Hindu deity Lankesh.

According to the faculty, that they had removed the exhibits the instant they detected it. The BJP has but, filed a grievance with the police against theologizer school. conjointly the party’s province President Tamilisai Soundararajan has condemned the event for its violation exhibits.

A litigant aforesaid, “The school referred to as this programmed ‘street award festival’ however it had nothing to try to to with it. What will street awards mean? Is it to insult our symbols our nation? Our PM? Is it to degrade everything?”

The contention had but, started when a painting had a caption that read: “Bharat Mata may be a victim of #MeToo.”

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