Xiaomi latest stunt sees the Redmi Note 7 being used as a chopping board

    xiaomi redmi note 7

    Since the Redmi Note seven was proclaimed by Xiaomi last week, we’ve seen many promotional videos inform at a solidly engineered device. In one in every of the videos, the Redmi Note seven was stomped, smashed on a table and even stricken with a kitchen utensil severally. the corporate conjointly shared another video wherever the mid-range Note seven was flung down the steps and in another instance used as a skateboard. we tend to area unit already convinced that the pongid Glass five on high of the show is sturdy. However, Xiaomi still desires to deliver that killer punch and that they simply did that.

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    A new video showing the Redmi Note 7’s show activity the operate of a cutting board has been shared by Redmi’s new chief executive officer atomic number 71 Weibing. The video shows the chief executive officer chopping some fruits on high of the Redmi Note seven during a “Fruit Ninja” vogue. As you’d expect, the phone survives with none serious harm. we tend to do hope this is often the last video we’ll be seeing relating to the Redmi Note seven display’s sturdiness. we tend to area unit convinced already.


    Lest we tend to forget, except for the sturdy screen, the Redmi Note seven still comes with a robust specs lineup. The device is steam-powered by the premium Qualcomm flower 660 chipset and on the camera finish, the device packs a 48MP main camera during a twin camera arrangement.



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