Best Web Hosting for India: Our Top 5 – February 2019

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“It’s demanding finding a good net host that’s really reasonable, Associate in Nursingd unless you’re an surpass wizard, it will get a small amount overwhelming scrutiny all the various hosting options (like price vs information measure, disk space, usability, support, reviews, etc.).

But as you’ll be able to see, there are literally some nice hosting firms out there for Asian nation that don’t charge insane hosting costs, however still have the performance to run any web site you wish.”


1. Hostgator

best share hosting provider hostgator
HostGator Web hosting

Hostgator has been around for a awfully very long time, and with smart reason. they provide unlimited space and information measure, and have a 45-day a reimbursement guarantee! just like the majority of net hosts, they in fact even have 1-click installers for all the foremost CMSs (WordPress, Joomla, etc). most significantly, they really have servers in India!

They fully deserve the #1 spot!

Their cheapest plan starts at only Rs. 99/mo

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2. A2 Hosting

web hosting by a2hosting
a2hosting web hosting

A2 Hosting is nearly on par with SiteGround, they need international well-optimized servers + nice support. whereas they don’t have the official WordPress recommendation, their performance with WP sites is pretty darn spectacular.

They conjointly supply three hosting packages, their least expensive arrange starts at solely USD $3.92.

3. SiteGround

hosting by siteground
site ground wordpress hosting

SiteGround has powerful servers round the world, and most significantly, SiteGround comes suggested by WordPress (very few net hosting suppliers have this honour! they’ll, of course, tackle any CMS you throw at them). + they need a 30-day a reimbursement guarantee

They have three hosting plans, their most reasonable arrange starts at solely USD $3.95

4. Inmotion


Inmotion has been around for a few time, and it shows. They concentrate on business level hosting package for optimum performance. they provide unlimited transfer, unlimited space, and up to six domains on the highest marketing plan!

Their packages begin at USD $5.99/month

5. Bluehost

hosting by bluehosting
BlueHost hosting

Bluehost has been around for a loooong time, and it shows! They’re perpetually upgrading their infrastructure and support, whereas remaining competitive once it involves evaluation.

They offer 365-24-7 support, and even a 30-day a reimbursement guarantee if you’re not happy.

Their least expensive arrange starts at solely USD $3.95/month

HostGator Hosting - SocialChaye
net hositng by HostGator

Best net Hosting India: the main points
Which net hosting supplier ought to i am going with is one among the foremost common queries we tend to get. those that area unit thought-about the most effective area unit all supported opinion and sound judgement. whereas you’ll be able to search the net endlessly, it’s easier to come to a decision that one to travel with after you have all the knowledge at hand.

This page can assist you in choosing your favorite hosting supplier. once searching for the most effective web site hosting company for Asian nation, there area unit some things to bear in mind of. you want to take into thought the categories of hosting there’s likewise as what options you ought to search for.

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Types Of net Hosting In Asian nation
While free and cheap choices worked at the beginning of your business, its desires can increase and then your net hosting can need to amendment. the various varieties of web site hosting services will get confusing, and it’s vital to understand what’s what thus you’ll be able to select the most effective sort for your desires.

Shared Hosting


Shared hosting is that the most typical sort, here an internet host puts multiple sites on one server, all website share the servers resources. Shared hosting could be a nice possibility for those searching for reasonable hosting, it’s easy and needs no advanced information to manage, and features a convenient board (usually cpanel). the 2 biggest considerations area unit that security will simply be vulnerable, and shared hosting can’t handle high traffic to a website. Shared hosting could be a nice possibility for tiny businesses or businesses on a budget. Most shared hosts do support the foremost common CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

VPS Hosting

Hostgator VPS Hosting

VPS is Associate in Nursing form which means virtual non-public server, thus VPS hosting imitates a fanatical server inside a shared hosting atmosphere. Technically, it will be seen as a mix of dedicated server hosting and shared hosting. Since it’s not a full dedicated server, it’s more cost-effective. It’s conjointly customizable and hosting plans area unit sometimes simply ascendable. the most important downside is that it’s costlier than shared hosting however you’re obtaining additional with it.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Hosting by Hostgator
social Chaye Dedicated Servers

Dedicated server hosting could be a sort of hosting configuration that’s dedicated to one web site or one purpose. Since this kind of hosting isn’t on the market to multiple purchasers, like shared hosting, it will handle high traffic. It’s conjointly versatile, has high performance, and is reliable. this kind of net hosting is ideal for big companies with exigent mission-critical systems.

Cloud Hosting


Cloud hosting relies on computing technologies that permit a limiteless variety of machines that act in concert system. whereas different hosting technology, together with each shared and dedicated, operates on only 1 machine, Cloud hosting will use multiple machines and has security that’s warranted on several servers. It’s an excellent possibility for those needing flexibility and quantifiability. It will have a continual price and you won’t have configuration management. this can be an excellent possibility for people who don’t need direct management of the business’s enterprises.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting
Hosting for Reselle

Reseller Hosting could be a sort of net hosting wherever the user has Associate in Nursing assigned quantity of Winchester drive house and information measure that may be utilized by a 3rd party to host websites. The reseller can sometimes purchase the house wholesale and so sell it to potential customers. this can be an alternative choice that has flexibility and it’s conjointly cheaper. the net host will the technical stuff for you and you’ll be able to concentrate on client support. Since your services area unit restricted, if one thing goes wrong, you’ll need to influence the damages if one thing goes wrong on the net host’s finish.

Managed WordPress Hosting

wordpress hosting - social chaye
wordpress hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting is totally different from different hosting as a result of it’s a caretaker service. All of the technical aspects area unit controlled by the hosting supplier, that solely focuses on WP sites. The aspects they management embody quantifiability, web site period of time, daily backups, WordPress updates, speed, and security. the number of management is actually what makes each the execs and cons of managed wp hosting. It’s nice if you’re okay with less management (but impressive security , speed, and support), that several up beginning firms area unit, but, if you’re a much bigger business, you’ll see this as a drawback.Best web site Hosting India: What to appear For
Now that you just have the essential grasp on the various varieties of net hosting for Asian nation, you wish to understand what options you ought to search for betting on the dimensions of your company and what you wish to accomplish. these items to appear for whereas searching for an internet hosting service can flip a nerve-racking project into a fun one.

server india
best hosting server india

Server location
You’ll need to form positive the hosting service you utilize relies in or around Asian nation (Singapore is maybe your best bet here). the explanation for this can be easy. If you base your web site in another country than it’ll lead to problems with speed. You’ll expertise delays, slower load times, and simply general lag. to form the method extraordinarily straightforward keep the net hosting service you decide on near to you (if you happen to be primarily based in different places, we tend to even have net host comparisons for Australia, the UK, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand).

Storage matters as a result of it determines what percentage files you’ll be able to transfer onto your web site. for tiny businesses or even a journal, an easy web site may do and can solely need some gigabytes. sadly, if you’re a much bigger company or simply have a much bigger project in mind than you’ll want the maximum amount cupboard space as you’ll be able to get. You’ll need to require advantage of hosting services that supply SSD drivers that perform higher than the quality drive used.

When searching for the most effective net hosting in Asian nation, you’ll need to look for a service that has smart server period of time. Basically, 99.9% of net hosts in Asian nation promise best period of time. the guarantees don’t seem to be perpetually to be sure. Before dedicated yourself or your company to a service, take care to analysis and browse reviews of the net host you’re considering to urge a general agreement on however smart the period of time is.

A big feature to appear out for is support, each service and client. whereas several read them because the same sort of support. Having smart service and client support is concerning having the ability to properly articulate the way to fix issues and technical problems whereas ensuring the client feels valued and happy. smart support could be a must!

A feature to not be forgotten, however typically is, is that the backup system. anyone that has worked with a laptop in any capability is aware of that backing up your files and information is important. once making a web site through an internet hosting server, it’s extraordinarily vital that you just backup your information, email files, Associate in Nursingd web site on an nearly each day. once selecting the most effective web site hosting in Asian nation, take care to envision however typically the service backups your information and if they charge a fee for back restore.

Bandwidth is that the quantity of knowledge that may be transferred between your website, its users, and therefore the net. If you had a laptop from way back, you almost certainly keep in mind the dial-up net and therefore the snail-pace information measure. once searching for net hosting, you wish to take care they provide is nice. This goes particularly for shared hosting. If a web site on the server experiences plenty of high traffic, the opposite sites can load slower. thus remember: the upper the information measure, the additional those who will visit your web site.

Number of allowed addon domains/sites
For startups that area unit searching for the best net hosting arrange, you’ll in all probability solely want one web site. an internet hosting service that gives solely one domain is additionally the most cost effective choices, however if you’re wanting to feature additional netsites you wish to take care your web hosting will support it. whereas most net hosting plans give as several subdomains as you prefer, you’ve got to take care they’ll support additional domains if that’s what your business desires.

Website style
Have a fast cross-check the planning of the web site of the host that you’re researching. a foul or out-of-date style will purpose at part out-of-date hosting services, and this can be one thing you certainly don’t need, as falling behind within the hosting business suggests that you’re going yourself open for the many security vulnerabilities that appear oft. And as a web site style business, out-of-date websites area unit pretty massive red flags for United States of America, thus we tend to tend to avoid them.

Other information to stay in mind
As with most things involving technology, folks have some confusion concerning word related to net hosting. folks typically confuse net hosting for domain hosting or domain registration however none of them area unit replacements for the opposite. If somebody is talking concerning domain hosting, they’re sometimes concerning the mixture of net hosting and domain registration. Domain hosting isn’t Associate in Nursing actual thing; folks simply don’t recognize the right word for net hosting. Domain registration is that the act of shopping for and registering your name. It’s a service that almost all net hosting plans supply to try to to for you. Of course, net hosting is that the on-line house during which you place your information in order that seems in browsers after you sort within the name.

Bottom Line
While this has provided you with helpful info, it’s up to you to travel out and mix the bits and items that match inside your web site desires. the knowledge on top of could be a place to begin to your own analysis. With it, you’ll be able to select a reliable net host. to place it merely, the most effective net hosting in Asian nation is that the service that provides you the foremost price whereas still having enough flexibility to grow along with your business.


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