Here’s an App that can help you Report a Wildlife Roadkill


In the name of development we tend to, men, have unrelentingly pushed our boundaries and consistently destroyed the atmosphere that we tend to reside in. Sadly, the brunt, of our over increasing population and endless wants, is two-faced by the life whose natural surround is stripped aloof from them. With no place to measure in, they’re usually compelled to enter the bound of the ‘human civilization’. This has paved  method for numerous fatal accidents which will either kill these wild animals or leave them severely scraped. However, to place Associate in Nursing finish to the present, ‘Roadkills’, a citizen-science initiative has taken upon them to cut back life mortality, install life crossing structures and improve traveller safety whenever a road is planned or upgraded. The initiative could be a flagship of the life Conservation Trust (WCT).


A ‘Roadkills’ app has been launched wherever voters will report emergency cases that need immediate attention. In such cases, an individual will transfer Geo-tagged pictures via the ‘Roadkills’ app in order that necessary action will be taken. Moreover, if an individual is aware of any further data regarding the animal, like the name of the species,  he/she will feed the data to ease the method. the data collected can then be accustomed produce a information for additional use.


Wildlife scientist, Milind Pariwakam of WCT aforementioned, “Unplanned development of roads and railway lines is that the major reason for life road kills. we tend to hope that the data from the campaign can facilitate set up our infrastructure. It will additional devise win-win solutions for life to form our infrastructure development good and inexperienced.”

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The aim is to gather necessary data and supply information on life mortality. This data can then lean to varied researchers and road planners operating during this sector.

The data provided won’t solely aid the analysis however conjointly cut back the life mortality by raising awareness regarding the difficulty.

Moreover, the info are useful in drawing statistics. It will additional assist in reaching a standard accord for taking necessary action against Road kill of untamed animals.

The information will be accessed by researchers and road planners by merely causing them a press release of purpose. the info are created offered underneath an inspired Commons license.

Wildlife Conservation Trust (WCT) has launched the robot version of the app. However, they decide to build the app compatible on all iOS devices within the close to future. moreover, it aims to form the app additional user friendly by sanctionative an individual to decide on his/her most well-liked language. The goal is to include regional languages additionally. At present, the app is accessible in English.


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