PUBG Mobile Turns One: A Look Back at a Year of PUBG Updates, Bans, Tournaments, and More


It’s been a year since PUBG Mobile graced humanoid and iOS devices. the sport 1st discharged in China on February nine before hit the remainder of the planet a month later associated is an adaptation of the favored laptop game, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. PUBG is brief for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds named when game designer Brendan ‘Player Unknown’ Graham Greene United Nations agency developed PUBG on laptop with Korea’s PUBG corporation. it had been impressed by the 2000 Japanese picture show, Battle Royale. whereas the sport is on laptop, PS4, and Xbox One, it’s PUBG Mobile version that is taken the planet by storm. Here’s a quick history of what happened in mere one year.

PUBG Mobile launched in China


February 9, 2018: PUBG corporation partners with Tencent to launch PUBG Mobile. 2 versions of PUBG on mobile were discharged in China on February nine. PUBG: Army Attack was developed by Tencent’s Timi Studio. it’s military service battles (something the laptop games doesn’t have) and sports a a lot of arcade-styled aesthetic and feel. the opposite is PUBG: Exhilarating parcel of land developed by Light speed and Quantum Studios, another Tencent entity that mirrors the gameplay and appearance of the laptop game closely. each were created on the Unreal Engine and PUBG: Exhilarating parcel of land was discharged outside of China as PUBG Mobile whereas PUBG: Army Attack hasn’t seen a global unharness.

PUBG Mobiles involves Asian country and alternative countries

March 20, 2018: PUBG Mobile for humanoid and iOS released internationally on these days. This followed a rather short softlaunch period in Canada and possibly had one thing to try to to with Fortnite’s dominance on iOS at the time, raking up a million bucks in its 1st seventy two hours. It launched with one map — Erangel, in-game voice chat, and what Tencent claimed was a “powerful anti-cheating mechanisms.”

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