Four More Shots Please! The desi version of Sex and The City celebrates flaws of millennial women


Four girls meet at a bar and type a powerful bond over liquor shots. this will be the intro of 4 ton of} Shots Please however it is a lot quite that. These four ladies Damini (Sayani Gupta), Umang (Bani J), Siddhi (Maanvi Gagroo) and Anjana (Kirti Kulhari) ar the right example of time period girls World Health Organization recognize what they require nevertheless they are not ready for the aftermath of their needs.

Four a lot of Shots Please girls ar imperfect and unapologetic concerning it. They screw up and own up to their mistakes. Anjana World Health Organization could be a single mother continues to be not over her man World Health Organization she single quite four years past. While, on the opposite hand, Damini Rizvi Roy is managing the board members of her news web site World Health Organization select sensationalism and clickbait stories over fact-finding journalism. Umang is managing her own demons. She might need left her roots however hasn’t been able to fly. Siddhi comes from a well to try to to Gujju family however the largest pain in her life is her mother whom she calls Sneha. None of them ar afraid to explore their sexual needs and ar unapologetic concerning the method they lead their lives.


The series can prompt you of yankee drama Sex and also the town. each the shows take care of the lives of 4 urban girls World Health Organization live their lives on their own terms. though scrutiny the big apple and city would not be honest however each ar one in every of the foremost happening cities of their countries. whereas Carrie Bradshaw (played by wife Jessica Parker) was a journalist, Damini is journalist however not like Carrie, Damini is not the verbalizer of the series. Quite just like Miranda (played by Cynthia Nixon), Anjana could be a attorney and one mamma. whereas Umang like Samantha (Kim Cattrall) is hospitable explore her sexuality.


Shots that gave us a high

  • The bond between the four girls is that the USP of the show. you would possibly agree or ail them however you may love the method they need every other’s back.
  • Milind GD because the woman’s doctor could be a massive and. currently World Health Organization would not need their gynaec to be that hot? Anyone would have fair-haired to urge their PCODs and irregular periods checked by Dr Aamir Warsi. And, conjointly get to understand concerning the eight sensitive zones in an exceedingly adult body.
  • Patriek Babbar as Jeh Wadia had the breezy impact on this series. His presence quite alleviated the stress. Jeh plays a crucial half in obtaining the four ladies along, as it’s his bar wherever the ladies 1st met. It would not be associate degree exaggeration to mention that Jeh is that the equalisation issue of series.
  • The pacy narrative makes it binge-worthy.

Shots that misfired

  • The gap scene was a serious postpone. we tend to like to see Milind GD in his boxers creating out with a woman in an exceedingly room however temporal order is that the key, my friend.
  • We ar dead for feminism however you cannot perpetually play the victim card. The series went overboard from time to time.
  • The series celebrates imperfect girls. Understood. you cannot decide them. Understood. But, from time to time even the series judged these girls. Not fair.
  • Dealing with four characters was thus overwhelming that manufacturers forgot to possess a topic. The show is everywhere the place. Neither has it talked completely concerning relationship, nor relationships.

Check out the trailer of 4 a lot of Shots Please!


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