After Kapil Sharma Says Sacking Navjot Singh Sidhu ‘Not A Solution,’ Twitter Calls For #BoycottKapilSharma


A day once Kapil Sharma reportedly aforesaid at a happening in Chandigarh that ‘banning or sacking’ Navjot Singh Sidhu from his comedy series The Kapil Sharma Show as a result of Mr Sidhu’s comments on the Pulwama terror attack is ‘not an answer,’ Twitter is baying for blood.

#BoycottKapilSharma is that the high trend on Twitter these days, despite a region of social media speaking go in support of Kapil Sharma. tilt has raged around Navjot Singh Sidhu, WHO could be a minister within the geographical region government moreover as a TV temperament, over comments he created once forty CRPF personnel were killed in Pulwama last week.


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On weekday, Archana Puran Singh stepped in on The Kapil Sharma Show in situ of Mr Sidhu, though it’s not clear if this is often a brief or permanent posting. DNA and Times Of India report that at an anti-drug event in Chandigarh yesterday, Kapil Sharma aforesaid, “These ar terribly petty things, or can even be a part of information. I feel forbidding somebody or sacking Navjot Singh Sidhu from the show isn’t the answer. If removing Sidhuji would are a permanent answer, then he would have himself walked out of the show. we want to seem for a permanent answer.”

Many on Twitter haven’t taken kindly to what others have distinguished could be a terribly measured response from the comedian. #BoycottKapilSharma is today’s high trend, courtesy tweets like “#BoycottKapilSharma, now he has lost it completely” and “where will this conceitedness comes from, Kapil?”

Last week, Navjot Singh Sidhu aforesaid concerning the Pulwama attack: “For some of individuals, are you able to blame the whole nation and might you blame AN individual?” press association PTI according. He additionally additional, “It (the attack) could be a caitiff act and that i condemn it firmly. Violence is usually reprehensible and people WHO did it should be reprimanded.”

Social media turned nearly instantly on The Kapil Sharma Show, tightened that Mr Sidhu be born or the series illegal. On weekday, it had been according that Navjot Singh Sidhu had been replaced by Archana Puran Singh as a result of he had previous commitments and, later, Sony TV additionally confirmed that Archana Puran Singh are change of integrity the show. However, the tweet didn’t reveal if she would really be commutation Navjot Singh Sidhu.

Over the weekend, the Federation of Western India Cine workers (FWICE) additionally issued a press release to Sony amusement tv and aforesaid that the cricketer-turned-politician ought to apologise for his comments. “In social and national interest, on behalf of 5 100000 staff of the FWICE, we tend to request you to kindly ban him from The Kapil Sharma Show till he submits his unconditional apology to the state and martyrs, WHO sacrificed their lives whereas on duty for the state,” the statement aforesaid, PTI according.



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