WhatsApp Red Ticks Mean Action Against You? Government’s Fact Check

The government has stepped up efforts to counter misinformation during the ongoing coronavirus crisis

A viral concept post on societal websites along with quick messaging app asserts that whatsApp has released a fresh approach allowing users understand when their messages have been landing in issue.

While most round the nation Are Making an Attempt to Take Advantage of Their downtime throughout the continuing national lock-down, you can find people who find themselves employing the chance to distribute mis-information.

An viral Concept on Social networks along with instant messaging software asserts that whats app has already introduced a fresh platform allowing users understand when their messages have been landing in issue.


Many Whats App consumers have been conscious Of this procedure for”ticks” or assess marks onto the immediate messaging program – a more gray signal usually means that the message was delivered, two way delivered along with two gloomy pollutants mean that the message was study.

But a Note becoming broadly Shared in certain circles asserts from today , about three gloomy airways may signify the us government has taken notice of one’s own message.

Two blue and a single reddish ticks Means the authorities can shoot actions, just one blue and two crimson means that the us government is”analyzing important computer data” along with also three reddish airways me an that the us government has initiated actions against you personally and also you are going to get courtroom summons the concept asserts.

This is not correct.

The government on Tuesday Submitted a remark Twitter unequivocally rubbishing that the promise.

The Federal Government has stepped up attempts to cancel Mis-information During the on-going coronavirus catastrophe and bogus videos and messages broadcasting on the internet are the field of investigation.

Previous month, that the Delhi government Said it had discovered a combined effort campaign that introduces a severe problem for the administration’s initiatives to comprise the continued pandemic.

Ever since a Lot of People are remaining At home thanks to this lockdowns enforced in a lot of states like India, whats app forward have grown to brand new degrees.

To Set a Limit on the flow of Bogus misinformation and news throughout its stage, whats app on Tuesday narrowed Down the limitation of regularly plotted messages to a conversation in a time.

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