Top 4 Website Hosting Services in India-2020

India's top website hosting services

There are many web hosting companies in India who are offering web hosting services at a very affordable rates but what is the most important thing to know is finding a reliable and best web hosting service for your website.

We will help you in finding top 4 website hosting services in India. We assure you that all the list of top 4 web hosting services in India offers great features which comes along with their web hosting packages. The main benefits which these top 4 website hosting services in India are they offer most of the great features with their web hosting packages such as:

  • Free domain name.
  • Providing money back guarantee.
  • Great server uptime.
  • 24*7 Technical Support.
  • Free domain name transfer.
  • Important software/applications come along with one clicks installation.
  • Few website hosting also provides free SSL certificate.
  • Free website builder tool.

Here is the list of top 4 website hosting services in India:

This was and is still the most trusted and commonly heard names when people search or ask for web hosting.

GoDaddy have made lot of interesting TV commercials, and they have also done exhaustive promotions and they deliver the best of services at a very nominal and affordable price. And this is the very reason why GoDaddy is known to even those who are not into the web world.

It is one of the most influential leaders in shared hosting and has complete domination there.

There are lots of features offered by GoDaddy for its customers and you simply have to count on. The most important of its are it assures 99.9% uptime which is really high.

The security aspects of GoDaddy is phenomenal and they have 24/7 monitoring of data which makes the website completely hacker proof.

There are other free benefits along with GoDaddy like getting free domain, free business email, unlimited bandwidth and there is also unlimited storage along with it.

The starting pricing plan for GoDaddy is Rs 99.00/month.

This is the most reliable and the cheapest website hosting and it is also among the top website hosting of the world.

One of the most used hosting services of the world which doesn’t require any kind of introduction. This is among the top four website hosting as it comes along with the cheapest plans and heaps of features and clients base from all around the world.

There are more than 10 million websites of the globe on HostGator.

The main reason behind the popularity of HostGator website hosting services is their unlimited disk space and their unbeatable speed. The other features of this hosting services are it comes along with an unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth with 99.9% uptime, and as a freebie you will get domain cPanel, PHP 7.1 framework.

The starting plan for this website hosting is about Rs. 199/month which is very cheaper and gives value to your money.

Bluehost is globally hosting more than 2 million websites and surely it is the most favourite website hosting around the world. And that what makes it as the most recommended website hosting platform. Bluehost is also recommended by WordPress as website hosting service. So, there is no big risk in investing your money and trust on a such a big name of hosting.

Though it’s a US based hosting provider but it comes along with a dedicated wing for hosting in India. It is one of the top website hosting providers in India and we cannot deny that fact either.

The starting plan for this website hosting is about Rs. 209/month which very cheap and affordable.

There are lots of exciting features which comes along with lots of features SSL certificates, domain name, site migration and comes along with 30 days money back guarantee.

In case you are looking for speed and performance from your website hosting provider then theirs no comparison with the A2 Hosting.

A2 hosting is ever ready for the impatient visitors on your website and provide the best solution about it. It takes fewer than nano seconds in order to get data from the server. That is similar to a lightning fast speed.

The main reason for choosing A2 Hosting is it has exceptional support team which provide solution at once the problem is inquired. They come along with multiple channels through which people can reach out to client servicing through calls, emails, chats, ticketing system and more.

The hosting also comes along with features like SSDs, site migration to help you in various times. A2 hosting also provides unlimited disk space and an unlimited bandwidth which is done by them practically.

The starting plan for this website hosting is about Rs. 269.34/month which is very much affordable.

But before investing on any of the above hosting services, have a proper knowledge about hosting and types of hosting.

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