Google AdSense Start Websites Reviews Again and Changes More


A few weeks ago we documented that Google stopped doing website review for AdSense publishers on account of this COVID-19 pandemic. It sounds Google has kicked back things up using those AdSense website testimonials. Google also declared two new modifications to AdSense per week; world wide configurations for changes and ads into AdSense experiments.

AdSense Approving New Websites:


Sunny Ujjawal submitted an update on Twitter he obtained from Google that reads”your own internet site is currently prepared to reveal AdSense adverts ” Which means, Google is currently approving and reviewing fresh AdSense publishers. This is his display taken:t-google-adsense-site-review

Additional New AdSense Changes:

  • Google simply added a “worldwide preferences” tab into the Advertising page at AdSense. This could be the newest house for the account-level advertising preferences. To begin, Google has transferred into advertising measurements optimization .

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  • Google has refreshed using the experiments port to help it become simpler to track and behave on experiments that are existing. Google additionally transferred the “automatic experiments” selection into the brand new web page and shifted its own name into “Auto Optimize”.

Forum conversation at Twitter.

Up Date: Many publishers are still stating several websites are not being accepted due to COVID:

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