Google adds new Picture license metadata for licensable Picture label


Google is beta testing a new method for websites to display licensing information regarding content that appears in Google Images.

Google has launched a new structured Data element for image license metadata that allows Google Images to demonstrate a licensable image label in the research results.


The CEPIC, the European film agency, wrote about this on its own Not live yet. Google said”The new badging and permit information display isn’t live yet, but it is possible to prepare your articles for it today.” But this really is coming soon and if you mark up your pictures, Google may demonstrate the info in image search if this goes live.

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The markup. Google published the technical details for This meta data over here. Google provides two techniques you can add metadata. You only need to supply Google with a single form of metadata to be qualified for the Licensable badge, and any of the following methods is adequate, Google stated.

  • Structured information: Structured information is a connection between the picture and the page where it appears using the mark up. You have to include structured data for every single case a picture is employed, even if it’s the exact same picture.
  • IPTC photograph metadata: IPTC photograph metadata is embedded into the picture itself, and the picture and metadata is able to move from page to page while still staying intact. You only have to embed IPTC photograph metadata once per picture.

If you manage sites with licensable pictures, this Tag will help communicate the licensing details to prospective customers, decrease unintentional image theft and increase earnings for the images. The CEPIC stated” As Google iterates on the characteristic, we expect they introduce functionalities which will let people filter images tagged with this new permit metadata. What’s more, the mark-up might also be applied by your customers who’ve bought your pictures to direct users back to your website in a means that was not possible before.”

Blog saying”We are pleased to Share today that Google Images is publishing a metadata framework through for licensable pictures. Content creators and providers will have the ability to include the licensing information for pictures on their website, and it’s going to be mirrored on Google Images.”

What’s looks like. This is a Screen shot that shows the licensable label or badge in the lookup results, While also additional links to the way to get the picture and also the licensing details about the Picture detail page inside Google Image search

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