8 Twitter Tool You Must Try in 2020

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Every year, an inventory of Twitter tools pops up and a few of existing go away.

To give your Twitter promoting a solid kick-start, here is associate degree updated list of Twitter tools.


Pay a glance to them!!

1) TweetAdder

TweetAdder permits you to feature Twitter followers quick. you’ll add a hundred and fifty new like  followers to your Twitter account a day.  It allows you to mechanically build followers, send replies and thank-yous.


The Twitter tool isn’t an internet application, however you’ll be able to load it onto your laptop.

Useful at

adding Twitter followers painstakingly.


Available for past purchase of $55 – $180 reckoning on your wants.

2) Social Rank

Social Rank

SocialRank comes up as associate degree audience segmentation tool and shortly become content analysis and research tool. The tool takes a deeper read into a Twitter account’s audience and their behavior.

The tool eminently helps in understanding the audience likewise as filters them as most dear or Most Engaged.


Users also can use the tool for narrowing their audience through location or bio keywords. One will save the search results or export them to a Twitter list.

Useful at

Content analysis, audience segmentation, research


Upon request

3) Trendsmap


Trendsmap may be a roller-coaster Twitter tool that gives a basic, free feature that delivers info what’s trending round the world. It conjointly proffers a 7-day history of Twitter trends, the rarest feature within the world of Twitter tools. because the name suggests, it’s a map that adjusts the trends after you move from one country to a different or zoom into a selected town. once a user clicks on a trending topic, a line graph seems and shows the performance of the subject within the last seventy eight days.


It conjointly provides a free feature of account-level analysis for the highest a thousand Twitter users.  Paid plans offers some a lot of options.

Useful at

Trend observance, account analysis


Free options, free trial, paid plans begin at $25/ user/ month.

4) RiteTag


RiteTag belongs to RiteKit family and is made for the hashtag lovers. If you’re unable to search out the proper Twitter hashtags for your current Tweet, take into account this one.


As the tool will integrate into native Twitter, Chrome and management apps, it proffers suggestion for the foremost righteously participating hashtag as per the theme of your Tweet.

It effectively shows the trending hashtags likewise as their stats. It replicates Twitter’s own trending options.

Useful at

Hashtag suggestions, observance trends


Free trial, paid plans beginning at $49 each year

5) Tweriod 


Tweriod is another free tool that helps in analyzing up to one,000 Twitter followers. The report created includes the small print of your tweets likewise as your follower’s tweets to understand the simplest time for tweeting.


What can be higher than this once a tool enables you to understand that square measure the simplest time to tweets on the premise of a median across industries. There can be many chances, and one amongst them would be your audience is also a lot of acting on weekends than another account’s audience.

Useful at

Audience behavior analysis


Free options, happening paid analysis beginning at $5 per analysis, paid plans begin at $4 per month

6) Daily 140

Daily 140

Daily {140|one hundred forty|a hundred associate degreed forty} quotes itself as an email that’s sent concerning the activity of accounts you track. The tool enables you to understand UN agency these accounts follow and what square measure their favorites square measure. these items will mechanically be generated into the e-mail for you.


You can use the tool to understand what influencers square measure being attentive and conjointly that celebrity is following whom. The emails may be found in text format and also the automation system of the tool is additionally simple to grasp.

Useful at

Tracking accounts


Free with three accounts, paid plans begin at $5 per month for up to ten accounts

7) Tweetdeck


Tweetdeck is sort of kind of like Hootsuite, and may be a dashboard management tool that permits users to manage their Twitter and different social media accounts simply. It’s not the third-party tool, instead of the applying in hand by Twitter.


Tweetdeck is ready to prepare your Twitter audience into teams and therefore it gets easier to create bespoken promoting communication.

Useful at

Twitter promoting


Free to use

8) ClickToTweet


Twitter tools square measure completely different from one another and ClickToTweet is one amongst the simplest examples. It helps in making clickable links to plant within the diary posts. Use the tool to catch the simplest, tweet-able quotes from your diary posts and place in them in between paragraphs. Now, the user must click to Tweet out the quote.


When you explore the dashboard, you’ll get the press activity for every of the Tweets that you’ve generated codes for. One also can notice a date vary filter.

Useful at

Blogging, content promoting


Free with limits, paid plans begin at $4.97 per month


If you’re trying to find prime Twitter tools in 2019, you’ll need to take hassles.

So, we’ve alleviated your course and brought the list that has the foremost widespread and helpful Twitter tools.

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