10 ways through which Google knows everything about you

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Google is wherever in individuals’ lives. Be it fundamental web exercises to watching recordings or utilizing its administrations for driving, individuals depend on company maybe more than on some other tech organization. To such an extent that Google long time really turned into an action word. It might essentially find out about you than you really do about yourself. It’s vital to bring up that the majority of the stuff it knows is simply after you give it the consent to do as such. Likewise, you can monitor what all company thinks about you and on the off chance that it makes you uneasy, at that point there’s dependably the choice of impairing the “consents.” Unlike a couple of other tech organizations (we are taking a gander at you, Facebook), it’s additionally takes clients’ security about close to home information in all respects truly. All things considered, it’s critical to know – and here we drill down – the manners by which company knows ‘everything’ about you:

2/11 Through GoogleSearch: Anything and everything you ever searched




There’s no if about this one. Whatever and at whatever point you’ve hunt down on Google, the tech mammoth knows through its web crawler. You can kill this by going into Google’s My Activity page and tapping on the tab “Web and App action.”

3/11 Through Maps location feature: Wherever you may have commuted or travelled to

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Google Maps has a course of events include that monitors each spot you’ve at any point been to utilizing the application. This works just on the off chance that you’ve your area history on. It likewise realizes which are your most-frequented places.

4/11 Through Play Store: The number of apps you’ve ever downloaded on an Android phone

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On the off chance that you’ve at any point utilized an Android telephone, at that point you would’ve without a doubt downloaded applications. Google knows every single application that you’ve at any point downloaded and on which gadget.

5/11 Through Play Store: Every app you’ve searched for

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Google realizes what applications you’ve scanned for on its Play Store, regardless of whether you’ve not downloaded them,

6/11 Through GooglePhotos: How many images you’ve clicked and stored

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Google recognizes what pictures you’ve clicked yet just on the off chance that you utilize the GooglePhotos administration.

7/11 Through Chrome: All the websites you have browsed and visited on any device


Google’s Chrome program is the most well known one on the planet. For whatever length of time that you’re marked into Chrome on any gadget, Google comprehends what all locales you’ve visited

8/11 Through Android: The model of the phone and the number of devices you’ve used

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Truly, any Android telephone you’ve utilized and Google knows which one was it and what was the model name/number also.

9/11 Through Gmail: What conversations and emails you’ve exchanged

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It’s sort of captivating and terrifying to see the quantity of discussions you’ve had on Gmail throughout the years. In any case, through Gmail, Google is monitoring each and every discussion.

10/11 Through Gmail: People you talk to the most or contact most frequently


On the off chance that you’ve supported up your Contacts with your Gmail account, at that point Google realizes who those individuals and furthermore the ones you cooperate with generally as often as possible.

11/11 Through YouTube: The number of videos you’ve seen in a month


Like with most Google administrations/applications, on the off chance that you have kept the movement tracker on, at that point with YouTube, Google realizes what are the quantity of recordings you’ve found in a month.

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