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Kerala College Student

A Kerala College Student is Making Lakhs By Finding Bugs in Google and Facebook

In the event you climbed up at the 90's, the very first creation to really start Using computers, so you would certainly know about...

Your Amazon and Flipkart deliveries May Last during the lockdown, though there May Be...

Having a lockdown in place in 75 districts because of Coronavirus, And that includes your requests from Amazon. In accordance with an order in the...

US lauds India’s ‘Janata curfew’

"Inspiring to see individuals across India coming together despite being physically apart to applaud workers on the frontlines combatting COVID-19," Acting Assistant Secretary of...

Google’s coronavirus checkup site: What we know about it Equally

Google and US President Donald Trump have spoke about the upcoming site. This is what we understand about it. Google has Recorded out its own...

India Declares Coronavirus A Notified Disaster

You will find over 80 confirmed COVID-19 cases in India, together with at least two deaths linked to the virus - a 68-year-old woman...
corona virus

Coronavirus Impact on Search Marketing

Individual lives are the overriding concern Concerning the topic of coronavirus. Yet it's prudent to think about the impact it might have, including the...

WhatsApp Dark Mode Comes to iOS: How to Get it on Your iPhones

WhatsApp Dark Mode has been one of the most expected updates Now, the most recent beta version of WhatsApp to get iOS, released with...

WhatsApp Dark Mode is Finally Here for Everyone: Here is How You Can Get...

After months of unconfirmed sightings, escapes, rumours and beta Updates, WhatsApp has confirmed the rollout of its ubiquitous dark mode for all its users....

Facebook’s Social Media Accounts Hacked

OurMine compromised Facebook's official Twitter and Instagram accounts within a marketing stunt to market their own safety services. After gaining entry to Facebook's socials, the...

Google Maps Fooled by Man Who Used 99 Smartphones to Create a Fake Traffic...

Google Maps Watch the way the man caused Google Maps'traffic jams' on Berlin's streets. Google Maps may just have been fooled by a relatively simply...